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Mike's independent film project documenting the 1969 National Championship Game between the Texas Longhorns and the Arkansas Razorbacks is now showing! But it's not just a football movie - The Big Shootout delves deeply into the bizarre political and cultural cyclone synonymous with that era. Visit the site now.

"Hofen, Germany. My brightest star. I helped save the day." Pretty strong stuff coming from a man drenched with humility. These words, written secretly by George Looney, referred to his role as a field artillery observer with the 196th Field Artillery Battalion in a battle at Hofen, Germany in World War II during what became known as The Battle of the Bulge. Read More | See Reviews | Order Your Copy Now!

On Sale Now! Heroes Are Hard To Find
Through the magic of the mysterious Mac Swindell, Stormy Weathers, a crusty, brawling, womanizing but aging ballplayer, returns to his old high school in Dallas, Texas, disguised as Cal Lucas, 18-year-old baseball phenom. Learn More | Reviews | Order Your Copy Now!


Mike's touching short story about the wedding of his daughter, Kate, as published in the winter edition of Rosemary Thymes.
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