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Heroes Are Hard To Find

"Having played high school baseball in Dallas during the 1960's and going to W.W. Samuell, the only DISD team to ever win state, this book was a nostalgic and introspective journey for me. I recognized so much about Woodrow Wilson, the park, Harrrell's Drug Store, etc. Looney paints a picture of pure baseball and pure love; Stormy and his Mom, Cal/Stormy and Magnolia. It helps that I am also a J.J. Cale freak and Magnolia has long been one of my favorite tunes. I read the book in one sitting while my grandbaby was being tested at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. When I left I drove by and walked at my favorite baseball park, Reverchon Park, and imagined Cal blasting the ball over the fence to beat Bryan Adams. Thanks for writing the book I wish I would have written. It will be a gift to all my old buddies and I will have my students reading it too."
- Larry, Yantis, Texas

"I read the book and really loved it! Great story and I am not a baseball fan! I think it has a great story line of sports, good vs. evil, role model to make the right decisions and love story."
- Doris Nadel, HD Films

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Dallas Script Writer’s Association. I read Heroes very quickly and didn’t want to put it down. It was a great read and is inspirational! As a DISD teacher, I think the book is great for the audience of seventeen and eighteen year olds. I would love to see a version written for the upper elementary and middle school level. I think it would become as popular as the book Holes has become. Thank you for writing it! Heroes is like a fine wine-this is all about time."
- Lee Gabor, DISD teacher and member of the Dallas Script Writer’s Association.

"I just finished reading "Heroes Are Hard To Find" and want to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I think you did an outstanding job in defining the characters and getting your point across. I am not a rabid baseball fan, but it is obvious that you know a lot about the game. You may have missed your calling by remaining in the insurance business when you could have been writing. I assume when the movie comes out you will be Stormy Weathers."
- Thor Ronningen, author, "Butlers Battlin Blue Bastards"

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