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Tickle the Light

"Mike Looney is one of America’s great mainstream storytellers! I couldn’t put Tickle The Light down until I finished the last page!"
- Steve Binder, Hollywood director and producer.

"Tickle the Light is a compelling tale of bad breaks, second chances, tough choices and the road to redemption. It's an entertaining story that will definitely make you think."
- Kevin Sullivan, former NBC Sports and Dallas Mavericks executive

"I read Tickle The Light straight through all day Thursday at the office. I loved it. Redemption, love, lust, a great bad guy. What more can u ask for? Truly, I loved it."
- Jack Wilson

"Tickle The Light seemed so plausible and made me realize how every guy I know would want one more shot at glory, regardless of the price one would have to pay…spiritually and physically. Great Read!"
- Mike Humphrey

"In a departure from Hero’s Are Hard To Find, Author Mike Looney hits another Grand Slam with Tickle The Light. This adult based drama brilliantly pits the consequences of accepting your life as it as against the slogan “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” Once again, Looney masterfully uses Major League Baseball as a catalyst to tell the bittersweet tale of Joe Donley. Joe is a middle aged Dad who is instantly torn from his quiet predictable existence and elevated to Rock Star status overnight. The Dark side of fame and fortune befalls main character Joe Donley. His life becomes a pressure cooker of churning chaos only to be straightened out by a touching beyond the grave message from his Dad. Will Joe be able to put his life back together? You’ll have to read the final harrowing and exciting chapters to find out. Tickle The Light surgically examines all the issues faced by people in long term committed relationships. This book is a must read for those who believe in the power of Love, Family and Marriage."
- Peter G. Lucier