Tickle the Light is not only a moving story of one man's journey from darkness to light, but a triumph of family and friendship. Thanks to the unparalleled skills of Dr. Samuel Duke, Joe Donley, college baseball star, survives a life-threatening head injury. To Joe’s lingering dismay, the injury robs Joe of his chance for future big-league stardom—a fate virtually predetermined from a lifetime of preparation with his nurturing father who left his own promising baseball career on the beaches of Normandy in 1944. Over the next two decades, despite a relatively healthy existence, a loving family, and successful business with his best childhood buddy, depression gradually surrounds Joe like a tight cocoon. Joe Donley, blinded by the desire for a more meaningful existence, cannot see the good things in his life. Don’t wish for something too much, Joe. Due to a medical miracle of unparalleled degree, Joe claims his rightful destiny as darling of the sports world. Follow Joe Donley as he navigates his turbulent and sometimes hilarious journey down fame’s base path as the oldest rookie in major league history! Read More | See Reviews | On Sale Soon!