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The Big Shootout

The Big Shoot Out is a dramatic literary journey from yesterday to today and so much more than a football book. A must read for not only Texas and Arkansas fans but all football fans. loved this book from start to finish.
- Edith Royal, Wife of Legendary Texas Longhorn Football Coach Darrell Royal

I'm making my way through the new book. More fantastic work from you...much respect, brother. - Mike Rhyner, 1310 the TICKET

Finally, a true accounting of what really happened between my father-in-law, Colo­nel Holmes and a young Bill Clinton concerning his draft status. Well done Mike!- Bill Burnett, Leading Touchdown Scorer in Razorback History

I am thankful to Mike Looney for remembering my brother in his wonderful book and also for accurately describing my friendship with Freddie Steinmark. I could not put this book down.- Bobby Mitchell, All SWC Guard and High School Teammate of Freddie Steinmark

Mike Looney has done it again. This book is the perfect companion piece to Mike's outstanding documentary on the Big Shoot Out which chronicles the sixties on a level with any Ken Burns series.
- Charlie Waters, Former All Pro-Safety with the Dallas Cowboys

Not only a hypnotic football journey, but a story centering around our country in a trouble time. Then we get final precious glimpses of Beano, Broyles, Royal, Street and stories from the Shoot Out participants, both fascinating and previously buried. As good as Looney's documentary—which is my favorite. - Ian Fitzsimmons, ESPN  

Looney brings to life very eloquently a litany of experiences from this project. I really enjoyed this book and could scarcely put it down. - Paul Rogers, Former Dean of SMU Law School and Author of Books on Baseball Legends Robin Roberts And Eddie Robinson

The Big Shootout does more than bring to life a great story of an unforgettable game. It reminds us there are losers as well as winners, and lessons for both, some that take a lifetime to sort out.
- Kevin Sherrington, Dallas Morning News

The 1969 Shootout was the defining game of the last 50 years.  Mr Looney has captured the essence of this game with insights and anecdotes from the participants and witnesses including some never before known factoids and tidbits. This is a must read for any football fan of the Southwest Conference and a glorious era of football. - Adam Hochfelder, President Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

You don’t have to know anything about the game of football to really appreciate Mike Looney’s, The Big Shootout. You just have to love our Country and appreciate being an American. If you happen to love playing any team-sport, like me, it’s icing on the cake. Great story by a great story teller.
- Steve Binder, Director-Producer of the 1968 Elvis Comeback Special
Emmy winner, Golden Globes nominee, Caucus of Producers, Directors and Writers 2011 winner

I read it last night - great job!!! I enjoyed it, except the score was the same.
- Mike Boschetti, starting linebacker, Arkansas Razorbacks

Hope all’s well with you and the family!! I just wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to finish “The Big Shootout” - and - I LOVED IT!!! What a totally great book!!! I have many comments and questions to ask you (if I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN!!) - but, just briefly - I especially loved the Tom Campbell story about losing his two front teeth - and how his father made him and his brother run through their play a few more times - before he would do anything about the missing tooth problem!!! Also, I have a question that popped up right at the end of the book. If Rick Kersey’s son died in 1983 after graduating from college - that would have made him 3 or 4 years old at the time of the game. Is that true???- Tom Prejean

Mike, We just read the book and wow!!!! We absolutely loved it! Great Job!!! We were blown away with the story of the two of us and how it weaves into the the "Shoot Out" You have shared an incredible depth of facts surrounding everything relating to this game! Thank you a million times over!
- Bobby

I was at this game with my dad and grandpa in 1969. I cried when we lost. This book is a treasure. I cannot wait to talk to Mike Looney.
- Roger Meek

I just started reading "The Big Shootout" and am loving it. I was two at the time of the game, and have only heard bits and pieces about it from my parents who attended (still too painful for them to discuss). Thank you for "The Big Shootout". It was more than just a football game.  
- Leigh Anne Yeargan