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Heroes Are Hard To Find

"Mike, your book was great. I couldn’t put it down. You met my wife, Kitty Dillon in October in the Dallas airport and she bought me this book for our 3rd anniversary. I appreciated the autographed copy by you as well as Charlie Waters, who I have always admired. Please let me know when your next book comes out!"
- Jeff Day

"John & Donna, over at Thunderbird Resort, gave me your book a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for the nice words and the autographs. It is the centerpiece of my prized books, which includes a signed copy of “Catcher in the Rye.” Having played baseball from a very young age, through a couple of years of college, I really can identify with many of your timely quips. It’s a wonderful game at any level. Again, thank you so much!"
- Don Hughes , Texas Tech ‘70

"As a psychologist, I readily recognized my friend and former student was suffering from depression, even suicidal tendencies. A recent divorce was a major contributing factor. My

friend, who I will refer to as WA for his ability as a horseman (wrangler) and athletic ability, had many friendly conversations but nothing served to change his depression. I finally suggested that WA read Heroes Are Hard to Find but his reply was filled with adamant anger. “Through all this divorce situation, all people want me to do is read, read, read. Even though you were my professor, I will not read any book!” With his outlook unimproved, a month later, I finally convinced WA to read just the first chapter of “Heroes.” In less than 24 hours, WA was in my office, a different individual, his excitement obvious; the depression and suicidal thoughts had vanished.“I was in a foul mood and reading anything was just too heavy emotionally for me but I had promised to read one chapter,” said WA. “Once I started, it hooked me and I finished the book at 2 a.m. and wanted to read on. I found my Bible and read for the first time verses from the Scriptures. The next day I went out and bought six copies and gave it to my son and several friends.” Now things began to open up in conversation between WA and myself. Heroes Are Hard to Find had indeed lifted a crippling depression."
- Fred Minton, PHD

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