See What Everyone is Saying About Mike's Speeches

"Mike, Thanks so much for coming to the Allen Baseball Banquet tonight. It was a real treat to have you address the group. You did an outstanding job. As you were talking I did take a look at several of the high school kids and thought they were very engaged while you were talking. I felt you really resonated with them. When I got home I asked my son, John, how he liked your presentation and he said he really enjoyed it and thought it was really interesting. In fact, he asked me about the Winston Churchill referral and said he would have to learn more about the guy than he learned in school. That must tell you something. Thanks again. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to reading your other books."
- Chris Schulmeister

"Mike, you said exactly what my son and I needed to hear at precisely the right moment. I will be forever grateful."
- Lynne, McKinney High School

"We gave Mike Looney 30 minutes to present our Rotary Program. We wish it had been an hour. His topic “Never Give Up” has never been more eloquently expressed. We plan to have him back."
- Tom Hoskins, President Elect/Programs

"The book is awe inspiring. "Heroes Are Hard To Find" has an incredible message. We loved how you ended your speech "Give it one more day..." A great message that he shared with his daughter. These words should be taken to heart by everyone. Thank you so much!! We look forward to inviting you back when you finish your next book."
- The Lakewood Kiwanis Club

"We really appreciated you speaking to our group today. I personally always enjoy your presentation and was just the message I needed to hear today. One of my favorite parts of your presentation, each time I hear it, is how supportive you are of your youngest daughter. Thank you very much once again for everything."
- Happy Franklin, Uptown Rotary Club

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