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"In a day and age where we want what we want, before we can even pay for it; Mike Looney is a refreshing inspiration about tenacity and “never giving up”! His book was over a decade long project with probably more than his share of rejection yet he inspires that old phrase: “keep on keepin’ on”. The humor with which he tells of his trials & triumphs kept me smiling the whole afternoon"
- Debbie H. Rotary Club, Terrell, TX

"Thanks, Mike, for your sharing your story of the creation of Heroes are Hard To Find with the members of the White Rock Rotary Club. While the "tale" is most interesting and informative, a deeper human truth lies within it – NEVER GIVE UP! It was a memorable meeting for all of us and one we will recommend to others."
- Jess Spoonts, Past President, White Rock Rotary Club

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you Tuesday night and how much your story inspired me to take my writing seriously. Not that I've been writing the last two days, I've been too busy reading your book. I have to say, as a woman, and writer of romance, I truly enjoyed your story. You did a wonderful job and I look forward to baseball season. Can you tell me where I can get another copy, for my mother who happens to be a huge fan of baseball, although not here in Texas, she lives in Bowie Maryland, not too far from the Bowie Bay Sox stadium. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you."
- Jeanne Guzman

"Our Rotary Club really enjoyed having Mike Looney as a guest speaker. It is always exciting when you come across someone or something that makes you reflect on life issues such as persistence and making good choices. To describe Mike and his book in such a way, is no exaggeration."
- Tim Mabe, President, Garland Rotary Club, Garland, TX

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