"Hofen, Germany. My brightest star. I helped save the day."

Pretty strong stuff coming from a man drenched with humility. These words, written secretly by George Looney, referred to his role as a field artillery observer with the 196th Field Artillery Battalion in a battle at Hofen, Germany in World War II during what became known as The Battle of the Bulge. It was the largest battle in American History. Over a half-million Germans attacked 600,000 GIs and the Bulge eventually engaged some two million troops on both sides who fought over a 2500 square mile region called the Ardennes during Europe’s coldest winter in twenty-five years. The Americans suffered over 76,000 casualties, the Germans 100,000 and the outcome changed the world. Lt. Looney played a vital part in altering history’s course but kept it to himself. Amazingly, his family knew nothing of his role until his passing. More amazing, someone else possibly took the credit. This is that story—a story told not only by eyewitness accounts of Lt. Looney’s fellow soldiers, but also by journal entries, letters and pictures spanning six decades. See Reviews | Order Your Copy Now!