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"Thanks so much for sending me the book about your father and his exploits in WWII. He had many memorable experiences and was a real hero. You did a great job and you can tell it was a work of love for your father. Thanks again."
- Eddie Robinson, Former All Star with New York Yankees And Former GM with Texas Rangers

“A great book of a WW II hero as related by very talented son. Even though my own WW II experience was as pilot in China-Burma-India my greatest admiration has always been for those who fought the Nazis on the ground in the European theatre. The Battle of the Bulge was one of our toughest military challenges but was also one of our greatest but necessary victories thanks to troops like George Washington Looney. I have enjoyed these never before seen photographs.”
- John Paul Hammerschmidt--U.S. Congressman `67-`93 (3rd District-Arkansas) Pilot of 217 Combat Missions during W. W. II.

“From combat to business to family, George Washington Looney distinguished himself as a great American who understood how to operate from a position of strength. I am honored to have delivered his military Silver Star medal — a fitting symbol of a great man’s lasting legacy. Now through Mike Looney’s book in moving tribute to his father’s life, more Americans will know the inspiration, strength of character, and principled responsibility that encompasses George Looney’s journey as a member of America’s Greatest Generation.”
- U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions, TX-32 

"A father who was an authentic war hero. A son who has mastered the art of words and willing to do the hard work of research to tell his father's story. Put the father and son together and you have what I consider one of the great true stories of George Washington Looney's life in WWll as only his son can tell it. A must read!"
- Steve Binder Ph.D Emmy and Ace winning Producer/Director and Golden Globe nominee The Caucus 2008 Director of the Year.

"Thank you so much for sending me an autographed copy of "The Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen". You did an outstanding job on pulling together information and photos for this book. Not many servicemen wrote as many letters as did George, and not many letters have survived the march of time. This book has a remarkable, personal touch from those whose letters are included in the book. The letters from Marie reveal so claerly the feelings of those in Belgium, and of those who sincerely appreciated the efforts of the Allies. Thanks again for sending me this fascinating book."
- Frank Denius, Attorney At Law, Austin, Texas

"I must say it stuns me how much I am enjoying the book - I find it spell binding. I recently finished “Helmet for my Pillow” by Robert Leckie who was a friend of mine ,although quite a bit older. It is about the Marines in the Pacific and is part of the basis for the series “Pacific”. Leckie and I played handball in Montclair NJ when I was getting ready to join the USMC—we stayed in touch and he came to my welcome home party years later. He was a fine man and a great writer. Your book is a wonderful work. I take a morsel - one or two chapters and go slowly, reverently. Your honesty about yourself and the love for your Pop is palpable - I find it really touching—plus you don’t get in the way—your observations about how the combatant sucks it up and the inability to put into words that which is, in reality, beyond words—is right on. War is way too big, way too real to be captured by words. So, my friend - good for you. I am certain that our pal George is smiling upstairs—it is a wonderful tribute and gift to him - and, most certainly, to your daughters and Sandra. This is not to be rushed - so it will take me a bit to finish - but trust me, I will have digested it. I honor your Father and all the others - to include BK’s Dad who fought through the Pacific as an Army Tank Platoon Commander - never a word from Kenny - also a Bronze Star guy - it is a real shame to bury that and you have done a really beneficial thing here, Michael."
- Captain Jack Lyon, awarded the Silver Star for service in Vietnam

"Your WW 2 book is terrific...very touching!!"
- Ron Walker, Chairman Nixon Foundation


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