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"Thanks for speaking to our Corvette club on Saturday. Your new book THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HOFEN is a great read, and the photographs greatly enhance the interest and understanding of the story. Good Job."
- Scott Buzzell, Corvette Legends

"I read your book, looked over the layout, studied the pictures,and found it to be absolutely brilliant. It was a glowing, warm, humor-filled tribute to your father—his contributions, his devotion, his love of country and family. You are the man he was, and I look forward to meeting you and your wife in the future."
- Kathy

"I'm finally getting around to telling you how much I enjoyed "Hofen." What a great book!"
- Charles Williams

"Just finished your book about your dad! What a fantastic story and back story about your efforts".
- Dr. Gary Wood

"I challenge any person to read this story and not come away with tears in their eyes. GWL is heartfelt, touching, and certainly personal. It is my favorite read this year and reminds me of the greatest Pat Conroy novels."
- Mike Humphrey

"I read portions of your book, The Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen last weekend and wanted to write to tell you thanks for your labor of love."
- Jim Esely

"For a history buff and a person who enjoys learning about the character traits and values of the people in the story, it is a very enjoyable read. I had a hard time putting your book down long enough to take client calls and attend meetings the day we received it.This was obviously a work of love and affection. You are now two for two! Keep writing!"
- Dick Tesauro

"Thanks for the Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen. I read every word of it within 3 weeks of getting it, and I was working and packing to move at the same time!!! I love history and truly found this fascinating. Thanks again, bro."
- Mike Gibson

"Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying your book about the war and your father.I know you are very proud of him and his accomplishments. The book reflects how much research and effort it took to assemble all the data, including all the pictures, interviews with the vets and putting the story together. Your presentation at our Rotary Club was well received and no one fell asleep! Regards and best wishes for success for your book."
- Tom Scott

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