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"I just finished the book about your Dad. I studied history at the University of Tennessee focusing on WWII and post-war America. At sixty my zeal for reading history has not diminished. I could not read your book without the description of your visit to the Hoffman home, going through your Dad's things... I too have had a frustrated time dealing with the military. My grandfather won the Silver star in 1918 in France yet his records were destroyed in a fire in Missouri. I have tried to get replacement medals for my Dad who at 87 is still healthy but probably doesn't have much longer. I have nearly given up on that quest.. For now I just wanted to thank you for writing as you have. I cannot think of anything I would rather do but shake your hand my friend. If that is possible please let me know and I will contact you when next traveling to Dallas. Thank you again for the book about GWL. He was a hero."
- Rick Sanderson

"It is said that we don't know a lot about the battles that took place in World War II. That is because most of the brave men who served just don't want to talk about it. Mike Looney's "Battle of The Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen" gives us all a privileged peek into the events and lives of those men, especially Lt. George Looney Mike's father. This book and its pictures, although in black and white fairly sing with color. What a tribute to a brave father and a great soldier. Thanks Mike and thank you Lt. George Looney."
- Michael Rabon, lead singer and co-writer of 60’s group The Five Americans. Member of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

“The book is superb! Our current fighting men and women at war help make Mike Looney's "The Battle of The Bulge-The Untold Story of Hofen" a much needed sharp reminder of the lives of American's Fighting Men in the European Theatre of WWII. George Washington Looney's tale is told in the a matter of fact style so common from those of "Our Greatest Generation" The never before seen photographs will bring you into the foxholes,fights and front porches of the era at the warfront and the homefront! You will not put it down!”
- Mike Schikman, WSVA AM 550 Radio, Harrisonburg, VA

"The stories of war are often couched in numbers and words that render the impact on history almost businesslike, as if the author thought the reader ill-equipped to deal with the horrific human reality. Mike Looney gives us a personal tale instead: He walks in his father’s boots. The image that emerges is larger than life."
- Kevin Sherrington, Award Winning Sportswriter Dallas Morning News

“Mike Looney crafts a thoughtful, compelling story about a father's sense of duty and honor and a son's quest to complete his father's legacy. It's filled with insight into two men who take seriously their vows to their country and to each other. It was a great read - nice job!”
- Rick Wamre, Publisher Dallas Advocate Magazines

"My son Ron bought Battle of The Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen from you and you autographed it for me. I read it, the pictures in it were reminders of what I saw. I went into combat Christmas Eve of 1944. I went into it from the East end of it. I was in an 81mm mortar, heavy weapons Co D of the 289th Regiment of the 75th Infantry Division. One of my best friends who has not been in the service read your book without putting it down. Another friend who was in Navy WW II is reading it now. Thanks again for writing the book and autographing my copy."
- Leon Mays Fuqua

"The book is great! Very interesting perspective coming from son Mike about father George. I had some dealing with the XVIII Airborne Corps who 82nd and 101st Airborne fell under in WW2. We all know about the legendary stand 101st made at B of B, but the human side about that period and the regular soldiers who fought provides a viewpoint you won't find in most history books."
- Russell Dazzio, Chairman & CIO, R&R Global Hospitality

"Finished book, it is outstanding. Could not stop thinking of my uncle and what he witnessed and participated in. It is a shame all of the attention goes to Bastogne. I am going to redouble my efforts to get my uncle his Purple Heart. I feel like the "Gasthaus Schmidden" (pages 63 & 65) is the building in which my uncle was wounded on Nov. 15-16, 1944. I don't think I told you but his best buddy, Pfc. Samuel Gibney who died that night was 3rd Battalions first death since arriving in Europe. Thank you for writing the book."
- David & Sharon Fox, Capps Memorial Chapel, Fairfield, Texas

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