See What Everyone is Saying About Mike's Speeches

"Thanks a million for speaking at our club today. It was very exciting and prepared us to remember our fallen ones on Memorial Day. It was a pleasure meeting you and we will be in touch later in the year to see if you'll do another program for us."
- Carl

"Mike Looney's presentation to our World War II Round Table about the previously untold story of his father's vital part in altering history's course during the Battle of the Bulge was riveting and intriguing to all our members. Mike's power point presenation with many photos took us all back to that critical time in military history."
- Pax Glenn, President Dallas World War II Roundtable

"Aided by a great Power Point presentation, noted author, Mike Looney, riveted our attention concerning his new book, The Battle of the Bulge: The Untold Story of Hofen. Mike’s father, George Washington Looney, participated in the battle at Hofen, Germany which was critical to shorten World War II. Mike relied on his dad’s letters and photos to recount heroic efforts by our troops in pushing German forces back into Germany. Hofen was the only location that didn’t (bulge.) Thanks so much, Mike. Great talk!"
- Bob Trotter Park Cities Lions Club

"Thanks a ton for your great talk. They loved it."
- Houston, Turtle Creek Breakfast Club

"On behalf of the Duncanville Lions and our Club President Leon Miller, we want to give you a big THANKS for bring our guest speaker on Veteran's Day of 11/11/11. Several of the members commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation, the point of view it was done and the pictures shown. Plus, they remarked how you made us feel special while becoming a first time grandfather. The remarkable thing was you did it so well while sleep deprived. Thanks again for your time. Best wishes to your family and you."
- Don

"Thanks for your presentation at Exchange Club today. It was extremely informative and it is apparent that, for you, it was very much a labor of love. You have done your dad and history a great service."
- R. Gray Powers

"I heard Mike Looney speak on his book at the Happy Warriors Meeting at the Frontier Flight Museum. Mike is an outstanding speaker and his book is very detailed with lots of photos that were taken by his father and men he served with. I can’t over emphasis what a great presentation Mike puts on about his father and his book."
- Louis Seldon

"On behalf of all Pierians, I would like to thank you for an outstanding presentation to our group. It is a wonderful story. Absolutely the best presentation I have ever heard for our group. Thank you for a most inspiring touch."
- Joanna Kemp

"I really enjoyed your talk about your father this past Friday at the Addison Rotary Breakfast Meeting. I have started reading your accounting of your fathers experience at Hofen Germany and find it extremely moving. As I told you my wife's father was on the other side during that time. I made my tour in Viet Nam in 1970. Thank you for sharing your father's experience."
- Michael McCaw

"I surely enjoyed your presentation today. It really makes the book come alive—I’m going to re-read it this fall. Thanks so much for coming—you were a hit with the ladies, for sure. It was great to see you."
- Jim James C. Beach, CPA, CITP

"Enjoyed your talk at the SABR meeting. Good luck with your book."
- Eddie Robinson, former General Manager, Texas Rangers

"Mike, you enriched our lives when you spoke at Rotary Club of the Park Cities. Heroes are hard to find. So are fascinating speakers and authors. I will be recommending you as well as your book, Heroes Are Hard To Find."
- Hal Copeland, Founder, The Hal Copeland Co., Public Relations, Dallas, Texas

"Mike, great talk on Tuesday. Many members said you were the best we have had for a while. Great story teller, always keeping the audience attention. Great purpose to your speech and audience loved the message that you had. Look forward to the spring when your world war two book comes out."
- Jeff Hull, Program Director, Park Cities YMCA

"I spoke with several members and two of them said you were the best speaker we have ever had at the Mesquite Host Lions Club. We look forward to having you back next year. We are also excited about reading your next book."
- Jim Blunk, President, Mesquite Host Lions Club

"It was a pleasure meeting you at the Uptown Rotary meeting yesterday –and hearing about your book, your family, and your life stories. What a blessing it is to be an encourager! Remember, the journey is often equally important, if not more important, than the destination."
- Mark Koellner, Maynard-Koellner Group

"It was such a pleasure meeting you today at the Oak Cliff Lions Club. Again, I can’t tell you how inspiring your message was today, both personally and professionally."
- Teresa Wash, Teco Theater Group

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